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Are you like me and have an ever-growing TBR list?! Do you keep purchasing books even when you have HANDFULS of books sitting on your shelves…. waiting for you to read them….? Honestly, I freaking get it!!! It’s addicting to head to Barnes and Noble, grab a coffee, and browse the aisles for hours! Or […]

Fictional Books I’ve Read in 2021


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If camping under the stars in the middle of the desert isn’t on your bucket list… IT WILL BE NOW! But beware… if you continue reading this blog post, you will get the sudden urge to book a flight to Joshua Tree! This Joshua Tree Airbnb is going to be the stay of your dreams […]

Sleeping Under the Stars in Joshua Tree | Joshua Tree Airbnb!


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Are you looking for an Airbnb in or near Duluth, MN but not sure where to stay?! Well I am totally here to tell you that I HAVE ALREADY DONE THE HARD WORK FOR YOU!!! I have researched extensively to find the absolute Airbnb spots in and around Duluth, Minnesota for your vacay! Now you […]

Airbnb Duluth MN | Best Stays in Duluth MN!



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