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You can take a helicopter up to the top of your favorite mountain, walk along your favorite beach at sunset, or even venture to your beautiful backyard! Your story is your story, and there's no right or wrong way to elope.
You get to do literally anything you could ever dream of for your wedding day - and I'm here to back you up and make that dream come true for you!

Close your eyes and imagine this. You are in your favorite spot in the whole wide world. Nature surrounds you, the wind is on your cheeks, and your staring into the eyes of your best friend, your true love, your soulmate. There's no distractions, no interrupts, and no dozens of eyeballs staring at you as you confess your love for each other. It's just you two and nature.

You deserve a meaningful & authentnic wedding day.

how i will help your dream elopement come to life

i'm here to serve you unconditionally.

"She was very flexible and understanding when the pandemic began. she's Easy to communicate with and she ensured we were prepared for the big day. She had lots of good and fun poses for us which gave us so many beautiful shots. All the pictures were so amazing and we got a lot of compliments. everything that I could imagine was captured!"

- cherilin & wesley

what my couples are saying

I'm all about capturing the raw emotions and feelings of your elopement. I want you to remember how big you were smiling at the love of your life, how the wind was blowing through your hair, and the tears you shared together as you made a lifelong promise to cherish each other. I want you two to have a BLAST on your big day, and not worrying about smiling and making sure your hands are perfectly placed for 4+ hours. You will look back at these photos and be able to remember exactly how you felt in those moments!

what you can expect from me as your elopement photographer!

i'm here to capture the emotions!

As an elopement photographer, I feel like it is my duty to help educate on leave no trace AND practicing the leave no trace principals. As we're traveling and being out in nature for your elopement, we need to do our part to keep these lands as beautiful as they are. We will practice things like staying on designated trails, not using fake flowers/confetti, taking all of our belongings and trash with us if there's no garbage can, etc. 

we need to do better to preserve our beautiful earth

What Happens If The Weather is Bad?

It just adds a little extra spice into your day ;) In all honesty, I will have back-up plans for you just in case the weather is bad! If it's not endangering anyone, you can totally just own it and get married in a downpour!

However, I will have back-up plans for you, just in case! We will totally go with the flow, and make the most out of your day!

do we have to go on a big hike?

NOPE! Your elopement can be anything you want it to be! For some couples, that looks like going on an adventurous hike! For other couples, that looks like going to the beach, going swimming, trying out some new breweries, or binge-watching Star Wars movies! 

will you help us find a location?

HECK YES!! I would be honored to help you find the perfect location that speaks to your heart. I will get to know the both of you and what you're looking for in a location, so I can present EPIC location options to you both!

what if we don't know how to pose?

IT'S OKAY! It is my DUTY to help you both feel comfortable and relaxed, while soaking in all the precious moments with the love of your life! I will guide you through EVERYTHING!!

When it comes to documenting your elopement, it's all about capturing the emotions, memories, and moments on your special day.

will you help us with permits?

YUP YUP YUP!!! I'm not just your elopement photographer, but also your very-own elopement expert and guide!! I'm here to make the whole planning process as fun and stress-free as possible!

could we include our pets?

UMMMMM YES!!!! We cannot forget about your fur babes!!  

why shouldn't we book an all-inclusive elopement package?

All-Inclusive Elopement Packages are typically not customizable. They're usually a "one size fits all" kind of experience, and you deserve more than that. Your elopement day is unique, just like your love story. You deserve a totally customized elopement experience that tells the story of your adventure with your soul-mate!

can we have family members attend?

If having your closest family members attend your elopement is a part of your dream elopement vision, then heck yes!! Elopements are anything you want it to be! There's no right or wrong way to planning your elopement - that includes inviting those closest to you!

travel schedule

march || arizona + california

november || hawaii

I'm always traveling somewhere new and adventurous, so why not tell your story somewhere new?! The following travel schedule is based on where I will already be traveling to in 2021!

There are NO TRAVEL FEES for these locations!!

ready for adventure?

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