HEYYY HEYYY! I'm Sam, a certified fangirl for the Jonas Brothers and Adam Driver that would LOVE to go on an adventure with you!
I strongly believe that you should unapologetically be yourself and not be afraid to dream the biggest of dreams. There is no dream to big as long as you're willing to put in the work! 

Minneapolis-based adventurous elopement photographer for the wild & goofy soulmates!

i'm samantha burke!

hello there

"My husband and I did an intimate couples session together and she made it so it wasn’t awkward at all for us and we had so much fun (even my husband who does NOT like having his pictures taken) lol! From the moment of walking into the studio Samantha made us feel like we were “at home” and went above and beyond always putting my husband and my needs/wants first . She had a personalized welcome board set up to welcome Clinton and I to the studio, offered us beverages as well as a private changing area and kept telling us if we needed a little break from photos just to let her know. Beyond all that, she sent us some sneak peek images THE SAME DAY of our shoot, and we absolutely love them. We’re so looking forward to seeing the rest! 5/5 * for this wonderful lady!"

"one of the best decisions we could have ever made"

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