Close your eyes and imagine this: You are in your favorite spot in the whole wide world. Nature surrounds you, the wind is on your cheeks, and your staring into the eyes of your best friend, your true love, your soulmate. There's no distractions, no interrupts, and no dozens of eyeballs staring at you as you confess your love for each other. It's just you two and nature. You and your lover are as free as can be, not playing by anyone's rules!

You deserve an intimate wedding experience JUST LIKE THIS!

Can you imagine what your wedding would look like with no rules?

Your love story deserves to be told in in a way that is authentically you.

The only thing that matters is that you're getting married and you get to have your love story told. I'm here to capture your love, your bond, your quirky little habits, and your emotions in the most authentic way imaginable.

Elopements are magical, just like you. 

This is the way.

you deserve the elopement of your wildest dreams.

your love story deserves to be told your way!

I'm sam, your certified nerd & daydreamer!

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"My husband and I were worried that we might look awkward in the pictures but she made the whole process so easy! She made us feel really comfortable during the whole shoot and she even brought music to help us relax. Her pictures really capture all the emotions and real feelings."

- sara & brandon

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