Sorrento Italy Travel Guide

If you’re looking for a quiet, quaint, colorful, quiet, and safe town to stay in in Southern Italy – I would most definitely pick Sorrento in a heartbeat. You are just an hour (or so) away from the Amalfi Coast, there’s some amazing local food, and beautiful views of Mount Vesuvius, The Island of Capri, and the Mediterranean Sea.

What Season to Go

When I visited Sorrento, it was at the end of March. It was spring, so the temperature ranged from lower 60’s, to upper 70’s. We surprisingly had to deal with no rainy days, which was amazing! The flowers were not in bloom, but it definitely beats dealing with large crowds!

Places to See + Things to Do

I think Sorrento is a hidden gem in Southern Italy. I think most travelers will choose to stay somewhere on the Amalfi Coast, or even right in Naples – but they’re totally missing out. Honestly, I could move to Sorrento!

Watch the sunset over the Medditeran Sea! I have never seen sunsets so colorful and beautiful like the one I saw outside my hotel. You won’t regret it.

Visit Pompeii, Mount Vesuvius, and Herculaneum (Ercolano)! Sorrento is only about an hour away from Naples, so visiting all three sights in one day was totally doable. I would start with Pompeii, then travel to Mount Vesuvius (the volcano that erupted) and then Herculaneum. I’m not going to lie – there’s really nothing in Pompeii. Most of the artifacts and skeletons that were excavated, are in the Naples Museum. Pompeii is mainly ruins, so it’s crucial to have a tour guide. Herculaneum is FASCINATING though! They have carbonized loaves of bread, actual rooms, and so many things.

Visit the Island of Capri! I was really lucky to have a ferry that was within 10 minutes of walking from our hotel. We took an early morning ferry, and spent the day wandering around Capri. I will warn you, there are going to be dozens of people getting in your face about booking boat tours, cave tours, a taxi, etc, the minute you step off the ferry. The island is so, so incredible though! There are colorful lizards, amazing cappuccinos, cobblestone streets, beautiful gardens, and soooo much more. I did a cave tour to the Blue Grotto, and was so lucky enough to go inside. If you plan to go inside the Blue Grotto, plan for early morning. If there’s a high tide, you won’t be able to go inside.

We also took a boat tour around the whole island, which was pretty amazing! Basically, everything on this island is amazing and picturesque.

Spend a whole day on the Amalfi Coast! You can find the bus station and take a bus on the Amalfi coast – but I have to warn you, the bus ride is slightly terrifying. However, the Amalfi Coast is freaking breathtaking. I stopped in Positano (GORGEOUS) and Amalfi. There’s adorable shops with homemade lemon candies, cute floppy hats, and all the things. The buildings are bright and colorful. Basically, everything on the Amalfi Coast is breathtaking.

Wander Around the Streets of Sorrento! You will be surprised at what you can find by just walking around with no plan. I personally love doing this in every town I go to. You can find the best local food to eat and the best Italians to chat with. Every town in Italy has so many nooks and crannies, it’s impossible to not find a hidden gem.

Foods & Drinks

Stop and eat the “Sorrento” pizza at Acqu’e Sale! The pizza at this restaurant was hands-down the BEST. I ordered the “Sorrento” pizza, and it was perfection. And don’t worry, when you order pizza in Italy, you get a whole pizza, not just a slice.

Try Seafood! The seafood in Italy is way better than anything you could eat here in America. The entire food industry in Italy is so completely different. I would move to Italy, just for the food industry. But in regards to seafood, find a local restaurant that offers it and prepare to be AMAZED. (Acqu’e Sale offers seafood as well!)

Well, I think that wraps up everything I learned and did around Sorrento, Italy! It’s a phenomenal little town, and totally beats staying in Naples. I didn’t even do anything in Naples, except go to and from the train station. Be sure to bring your camera!



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