Sleeping Under the Stars in Joshua Tree | Joshua Tree Airbnb!

If camping under the stars in the middle of the desert isn’t on your bucket list… IT WILL BE NOW! But beware… if you continue reading this blog post, you will get the sudden urge to book a flight to Joshua Tree! This Joshua Tree Airbnb is going to be the stay of your dreams if you’re up for a little adventure.

Joshua Tree Tents is perfect for you if you love having a cup of coffee at sunrise with the sounds of the desert, meeting fellow travelers over a campfire, don’t mind the critters you get to meet at night, and only want to be 2 minutes away from the entrance of Joshua Tree National Park.

What Are The Joshua Tree Tents Like?

When I say Rebecca’s stay exceeded my expectations, I am NOT KIDDING in the slightest! The airbnb is located in a glamping tent compound of 5 tents total with 2 full (running & working) bathrooms! There’s a community area with grills, a firepit, a pool, hammocks, and lounging chairs – which I absolutely adored because you get to meet fellow travelers!

Each tent has a mattress (I had a queen bed!), bedframe, coffee maker, dishes, WARM bedding, fridge, microwave, water station, plastic bins to keep the critters out of your food, AND a remarkably warm space heater!

It was around 45-50 degrees at night during my stay, and let me tell you – that little space heater Rebecca provides works WONDERS! I even got so warm on a couple of nights, I had to take off additional sweatshirts! I have to admit, I was slightly nervous because I am a huge freeze baby, but I was more than comfortable!

Are Dogs Allowed in the Tents?

No pets are allowed in the tents! But why bring your own pet when you can make friends with the kangaroo mice that adventure in the desert?! (They’re actually pretty cute and friendly!)

Is There Free Parking at the Tents?

Yes!! There’s parking spots in the tent compound and there’s no additional cost. Huge bonus!

Can You See the Stars at the Tents?

Yes, a hundred times yes! The first night I stayed at the tents, I was completely mesmerized at how bright the stars were! However for the best stargazing, you’ll want to go into Joshua Tree National Park though! 😉

This Airbnb Isn’t For Everyone!

It’s really important to note that this stay isn’t for everyone, and that’s TOTALLY OKAY!! This Airbnb should be for those who have adventurous souls and want a relaxing getaway in the wilderness! If you’re looking for a stay with air conditioning, an actual kitchen, or just not in the outdoors: I totally recommend taking a peek at the Joshua Tree Airbnb stays I have listed below!

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