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1. How long until I receive my photos?
Weddings will take no longer than 4 weeks, while other sessions take no longer than 2 weeks from the day of.

2. How will I receive my photos?
When your gallery is ready for delivery, I will send you an email with the gallery link and password. From there, you will be able to download your images and share them with friends & family!

3. Can I print my own photos?
Yes! When you receive your online gallery, you'll also receive a print release. This print release will allow you to take the photos and print them wherever you wish! 

4. How long is my gallery online?
Your gallery will be available for one month after you receive the link. After one month, the gallery will go inactive. If you wish to have it re-opened, there's a $30 re-activation fee. I am just so busy and need all the space for all my galleries! 

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