4 Instagram-Worthy Cities in France for Your Honeymoon!

I am so excited to welcome Mônica, a Brazilian photographer that currently resides in France to the blog today! She is so sweet to share her 4 top-recommended cities in France that are picturesque, romantic, and just perfect to vacation to or even plan your honeymoon at! So without further ado, here is the amazing Mônica to bring you ALL the deets on 4 Instagram-Worthy Cities in France!

If you’re thinking of honeymooning to France, what’s the first city that pops into your mind? Paris, of course! But since I moved to this beautiful country I realized that France is SO much more than just the City of lights! People are missing out on the amazing hidden gems that exist here, but don’t worry! I’m here to share with them you!

Gorges du Verdon

It’s the biggest gorge of Europe and I promise that the landscape will take your breath away. With the limestone cliffs, turquoise water, and bright sun – you will be BLOWN by how gorgeous this spot is. You can hike, kayak and even rent a boat and let yourself be mesmerized by the view. My advice is to rent an Airbnb and car to visit this awesome venue and discover the places nearby.

Make sure to do a half-day tour to the lavender and sunflower fields, that will make you feel glorious! The smell of the lavender fields will blow your mind! During the tour I recommend buying different kinds of souvenirs, like honey flavored with lavender.

Since it’s the region of Provence, I beg you to try the lavender ice cream! Its unexpected and delicious! When I close my eyes and think about those vacations days I can almost taste this mouth-watering dessert! 


This city is located in the region of Dordogne, the perfect place for you if you’re into adventure! Rocamadour is going to simply blow your mind, as it’s built on the top of a mountain! 

Here you can visit some castles, churches, and a Chasm that has 70m of depth! Beautiful hidden lakes that are crystal-blue and ancient rocks will give you plenty to talk about with your family and friends, after your honeymoon!

If you’re fascinated with all things surrounding the Medieval times, Rocamadour is the perfect destination for your and your sweetheart.


I live in this city and I work as a photographer, so I can assure you that Toulouse is one of the most Instagrammables cities that I’ve ever been in. It’s known as the pink city, and you know why? Because all the ancient buildings are kind of pink, orange, red coloured! It’s like traveling through time.

Make sure to visit the the Jardin Japonais and the Jardin des Plantes! Over there, you’ll see beautiful, different species of plants. During summer time, the city puts a beautiful fairwheel in the Garonne, a river where the locals love to have a cold beer, some snacks and play music with their friends. You can also get lost in the city center through the very tiny streets and be amazed by it.


If you’re convinced that Toulouse is a must see, be sure to spare one day of your itinerary to visit Carcassonne. It’s only one hour from Toulouse and if you want to see a historical little city, this is the right choice! It’s like a fairytale, a medieval city full of legends, interestings facts and local food! 

Fun fact: There’s an awesome book called Labyrinth by Kate Mosse (not the model!) and the story happens in Carcassonne. If you are curious you can also check the TV show, that they made after the book. When I finished reading, Carcassonne was on my wishlist and when I was there it was like I was inside of the story. It was such an amazing feeling! 

A little bit about the author:

Hey, I’m Mônica! I’m brazilian and I moved to France to learn their beautiful language! I fell in love with Toulouse and I never left! I work as a photographer and I try to show how passionate I’m about this country through my photo sessions.

You can check my website and my photos here: https://www.photographestoulouse.com/

Image Credits:
https://www.lebonguide.com/destinations/midipyrenees/lot/rocamadour  https://www.francecomfort.com/fr/des-vues/351/Rocamadour



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