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Are you like me and have an ever-growing TBR list?! Do you keep purchasing books even when you have HANDFULS of books sitting on your shelves…. waiting for you to read them….? Honestly, I freaking get it!!! It’s addicting to head to Barnes and Noble, grab a coffee, and browse the aisles for hours! Or […]

Fictional Books I’ve Read in 2021


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Merry Christmas Eve! I seriously cannot believe there’s only a few more days left in 2019. 2019 has been such an amazing year full of love, growth, and all the things. I cannot imagine how incredible 2020 is going to be! In honor of 2019, I am going to do a Instagram Round-Up of my […]

2019 Instagram Round-Up | My Favorite Posts of the Year


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If you’re looking for a quiet, quaint, colorful, quiet, and safe town to stay in in Southern Italy – I would most definitely pick Sorrento in a heartbeat. You are just an hour (or so) away from the Amalfi Coast, there’s some amazing local food, and beautiful views of Mount Vesuvius, The Island of Capri, […]

Sorrento Italy Travel Guide


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I have grown to love podcasts. I used to hate listening to people talk, especially if I couldn’t see them. I mean, why would I listen to podcasts when I could listen to music? But then it all changed in December of 2018. I stumbled across Jenna Kutcher’s “The Goal Digger” podcast, and fell head-over-heels […]

5 Podcasts I’m Obsessed With!


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