Winter Engagement Session at the Tree Farm with Rachel & Mitchell

Before you see the magic we created for their winter engagement session, Rachel & Mitchell swiped right! One night, Rachel was having a little fun with some friends, drinking wine, and she ended up downloading Tinder as a joke. But little did she know that Mitchell was waiting for her, and would capture her heart immediately! I mean… the sparks were so instant, she deleted Tinder THE NEXT WEEK!

Fast forward AND THESE TWO BABES ARE FREAKING ENGAGED!!! Originally, they were planning to get married on October 24th, 2020…. but with this year being run by Covid… they opted to make memories and have their engagement session on October 24th instead at Krueger’s Christmas Tree Farm!

Rachel & Mitchell’s new date is May 15th, 2021 and I seriously cannot WAIT to be a part of their special day and see these two proclaim their love for each other in front of their family and friends.


Whipped Cream, Anyone?

Oh, and everyone needs a little whipped cream for their winter sessions, am I right?!?! I get all the smiles and can hear Rachel’s adorable laugh when I look back at these shots!

Can You See Yourself at a Tree Farm?

After seeing how beautiful and perfect Rachel & Mitchell’s engagement session was in the winter at Krueger’s Tree Farm in Minnesota – would you go to a Christmas Tree Farm for your winter engagement photos?!

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    These are amazing pictures!

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