Madeline Island Lake Superior Engagement Session

If you’re from Wisconsin (or around Wisconsin!) and want to celebrate with an engagement session on a local island in Lake Superior – you will fall head over heels in love with this Madeline Island Lake Superior Engagement Session!

Madeline Island is the largest Apostle Islands in Lake Superior with sandy beaches, jagged rocks, and beautiful spots for kayaking! It makes for a perfect weekend trip/getaway for couples who love the outdoors and adventuring!

What’s The Best Time of Year to Visit Madeline Island?

Definitely the summer months such as June, July, August! September can be a beautiful month but the weather is much more likely to be unstable and cold. Remember, you’re going to be on Lake Superior so the wind that comes off the lake is going to be cold!

Where Should I Watch Sunset on Madeline Island?

The best place to watch the sunset on Madeline Island is going to facing TOWARDS Bayfield (where you get on and off the ferry!) as the sun will set behind the Bayfield Landscape!

Are Cars Allowed on Madeline Island?

Yes and I strongly recommend to bring your car! You will meet the Madeline Island Ferry in the Bayfield Marina and the ferry will transport you and your vehicle across Lake Superior and to Madeline Island! (It’s not as scary as it sounds, I promise!)

What Is There to Do on Madeline Island?

Madeline Island is perfect for those who LOVE to be outdoors and in nature, but here are some of my favorite things I love to do on Madeline Island!

1 – Go Kayaking or Canoeing in Lake Superior and visit the Caves!
2 – Stargaze at Big Bay State Park or Big Bay Town Park!
3 – Rent a moped and zoom across the island!
4 – Rent or bring your own bike and get your exercise in by cruising around the island!
5 – Hike one of Madeline Island’s trails!




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