What to Wear to For Your Engagement Photos!

Are you stuck on what to wear for your engagement photos? Trust me when I say that you are NOT alone!!! Your engagement photos will appear on everything from save the dates to the walls of your home, and it’s SOOO important that your engagement session screams YOU and your personalities!

I am here to not only give you ALLLLL the tips on selecting your outfits, but to also give you my recommendations for killer outfits so you can make the absolute most out of your session!

Your Outfit Should Fit Your Personality!

Newly engaged couple strolling on Grandad bluff in Lacrosse Wiconsin

This is probably the MOST important tip I can give you on what to wear for your engagement photos! If you two love to sport a graphic tee and some black skinny jeans, you don’t want to show up to your session in a formal dress and a suit! If you wouldn’t normally wear it, don’t wear it to your engagement session! Your comfort is so freaking important!

Choose an outfit that you’re not only comfortable in, but that you’re also CONFIDENT in! It will make ALL the difference, I promise! Here are a couple of important questions to ask yourself when choosing your outfit!

– Can I move freely in this outfit?
– Am I comfortable in this outfit?
– Do I feel like the badass I am in this outfit?

Coordinate, Don’t Match!

Newly engaged couple has fun on Madeline Island beach in Wisconsin.

I promise you that you don’t want to match for your engagement session. Matching is soooooo outdated!! Instead, you will want to coordinate your outfits so they compliment each other. For example, don’t wear the exact same colors!! Instead pair two colors that go really well together, like mustard yellow and white! Or mustard yellow and denim blue! If you’re not sure if the colors you’ve selected coordinate well, don’t be afraid to shoot a photo to your photographer and ask them for their opinion!

Here are some quick tips for choosing your colors!

– Always go with neutrals! These are the easiest colors to coordinate and go with so many different styles and locations!
– Avoid bold colors (like hot pink, neon green, etc!)
– Avoid patterns that will distract from the photo!
– Keep the location in mind! You don’t want to just blend in with your background.

Check out Katie and Matt’s Proposal/Engagement Session to see how well their outfit colors go together with the location (beach on Lake Superior in the summer!)

Dress for the Weather + Season!

This is a simple piece of advice, but is so very important!! If it’s 30 degrees outside, you don’t want to be wearing a maxi dress and sandals! If it’s 80+ degrees outside, you don’t want to be wearing skinny jeans and a sweater! Make sure that you dress appropriately for the weather and location, otherwise your session just won’t be enjoyable for you!!

Bring More than Two Outfits!

I always, always, always recommend my couples to bring more than a couple outfits ESPECIALLY if they just cannot decide on what they want to wear! I promise you, it’s soooo much better to show up to your session with more than enough outfits so your photographer can help you pick the best ones!! Bring all the options – the dressier options, the casual options, the classy options, the fun options – BRING EM’ ALLLLLL!!!

This doesn’t mean you have to wear all the outfits you bring, but at least you’ll have the options just to be safe if you end up not loving one outfit!

Oh and ladies – BRING EXTRA SHOES!! If you’re planning on wearing heels, bring a comfortable pair of shoes to walk in so your feet aren’t aching!

Choose Your Shoes Wisely!

This kind of ties in to the last few pieces of advice, but this one is ALWAYSSSSS overlooked!!


If you’re planning on hiking up a mountain, don’t wear high heels! Instead, wear hiking boots or shoes, then CHANGE into those high heels when you’re at your location!

If you’re planning shooting on a beach, go barefoot or wear cute sandals! Don’t wear sneakers, it just looks unnatural!

As a photographer, I can 100% tell you that your shoes do matter in your images!

Simple Outfits are Your Best Friend!

Simple is better!! You don’t have to go out and buy the fanciest dress or the silkiest dress. You don’t have to buy a whole new wardrobe. Just remember that simplicity is BEST! You want the focus of the images to be YOUR CONNECTION, YOUR LOVE STORY, YOUR SPARK.

Your outfits are NOT the star of the show!!! YOU AREEEE!


There’s no reason to stress about your engagement session or what to wear for your engagement photos! If you follow these simple tips for your outfits, you’re going to freaking NAILLLLL ITTTTT!!!!

PSSSSSST… If you need some more outfit inspiration, check out this Pinterest board that’s FULL of amazing ideas!




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