Fall Engagement Photo Ideas!

The time has come where you’re admiring your engagement ring and you just cannot wait for your engagement session. You’re probably already dreaming of your engagement session and all the things – and you may even be considering during your engagement session in the fall for some GORGEOUS fall engagement photos!!

I am here to share with you the absolute BEST ideas for your fall engagement session and all the things!!! So sit back with your pumpkin spice latte (or pumpkin spice chai tea) with some Hocus Pocus playing in the background and get ready to be inspired with these aesthetic fall engagement photos!!

How Soon After Getting Engaged Should You Take Engagement Photos?

This is different for every couple! It’s better to take them sooner rather than later, like 1-3 months after you get engaged so you don’t forget! However, if there’s a specific season or month you’d like your engagement session (like Fall instead of Summer for example) that’s okay too! 1-3 months is just a general timeline.

What Should I Wear For My Engagement Photos?

First things first – you want to be comfortable!! If it’s chilly outside, wear a sweater with cute skinny jeans and maybe a scarf! If it’s still warm, wear a cute shawl with skinny jeans.

Now, you don’t want to blend into your surroundings, but instead compliment them!! You don’t want to be yearing construction yellow or hot pink to your engagement session – especially with the fall leaves. The best colors to wear in the fall are mustard yellow, burnt orange, maroon, gray, olive green, and beige!

HOT TIP – Hats are the perfect accessory for your fall engagement session!! They add the perfect boho, fall element and compliment almost any outfit. I love the flat-brimmed hats (like Gigi Pip hats) – can’t go wrong with them!! (This one from Amazon is adorable!)

What Time of Day is Best For Engagement Photos?

The absolute best lighting for fall engagement sessions is the last hour before sunset!! The way the sun just illuminates the sky and turns golden – it just makes for such perfect lighting!! It makes your skin look more glowy and is much more flattering!

What Are Engagement Photos Used For?

Engagement photos are all about celebrating this new exciting season of your life! They’re to look back on when you were newly engaged and seeing how crazy in love you were from the start! Engagement photos are typically used to send Save the Dates and to display on the wedding day. Most importantly, it’s to have memories preserved for a lifetime.


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