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Have you binged the new hot show, Bridgerton, and are wanting to plan your wedding or elopement all around Bridgerton?! BECAUSE I GET IT, I REALLY DO! You can’t have a Bridgerton Wedding with a Bridgerton Inspired Wedding Dress… so here are the BEST OF THE BEST wedding gowns just for you that look like they came out of Bridgerton!

Don’t forget to check out the most beautiful castles at the end to really go all out for your Bridgerton Inspired wedding πŸ˜‰

For The Boho Babes: The Amadeus Bridgerton Wedding Dress

I’m going to be perfectly honest and say that this gown is by far my FAVORITE!! Just look at the stunning detail in the bodice, the puffy sleeves, and that deep V in the back. I can drool over this Bridgerton Wedding Dress any day!! WOW!!!!

This one is for all the bohemian lovers out there, that still want a hint of Bridgerton spice for the wedding day!

For The Magical Forest Fairies: The Irenna Bridgerton Wedding Dress

We have all dreamed of being magical fairies in an enchanted forest before… right? Because this beautiful wedding gown GIVES ME ALL THOSE VIBES!

The way the sleeves are off the shoulders and puffy, the detail in the skirt, just EVERYTHING screams magical fairytale wedding in a forest!

For The Minimalist Baddies: The Satin Gown

This GORGEOUS A-Line Satin Wedding Gown looks like it came RIGHT OUT OF BRIDGERTON, AM I RIGHT?! It’s so simple & minimalistic, but still jaw-dropping!

If you’re drooling over this… I DON’T BLAME YOU BECAUSE SAME.

For The Beach Babes: The Seashell Gown

I think this one is perfect if you’re wanting a beach wedding or elopement, but still want that Bridgerton vibe/touch. The seashell bodice with the puffy sleeves are just CHEF’S KISS WORTHY.

*queue the slow motion videos of you running in this dress on the beach at sunset with classical music playing in the background*

For The Fairytale Dreamers: The Clementine Gown

Are you ready to feel like a badass bishhhh in this gown? BECAUSE DAYUM!! This gown is a twist of modern, boho, and vintage that’s for your fairytale wedding.

Seriously though, you deserve to feel like a queen/king/princess/prince in this stunning gown!! The Duke needs to work harder to get with chu πŸ˜‰

For The Vintage Lovers: The Cornelia Bridgerton Wedding Dress

Okay, this is the vintage dress you’ve been waiting for!! This unique and gorgeous wedding gown gives me all the Bridgerton vibes – from the high neckline, to polka dots and ruffles – the Duke will for sure steal you away πŸ˜‰

So um, when are you buying this dress?

For The Corset Lovers: The Raylin Bridgerton Wedding Dress

This classic fitted bustier gown with detachable lantern sleeves is TO DIE FOR!! The corset is really just the sprinkles on the cake, because everything about the Raylin gown is just amazing and incredible.

You deserve to feel like a fairy in this gown – that’s for sure!

Sparkling Bridal Cape for All The Dresses

Every Bridgerton Wedding Dress deserves to be dressed up even more with this beautiful sparkling bridal cape!! Because you know, why not be that extra on your wedding day?

Castles To Stay In For Your Bridgerton Inspired Wedding

If you’re getting a Bridgerton-inspired wedding gown, why don’t you also rent a castle for a night or two – or even have your wedding there?!? I found some of the most BEAUTIFUL and STUNNING castles around the WORLD (mainly in Europe, but a few in the United States) just for you!

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