Two Day Adventure Elopement in Oahu Hawaii \\ Scarlett + Nate

Oahu Hawaii Adventure Elopement + Wedding Photographer

It’s absolutely no secret that the gorgeous beaches of Oahu Hawaii are the perfect spot for you and your partner to elope, just like Scarlett and Nate here. We spent two beautiful sunrises together for their two day elopement adventure in Oahu, Hawaii and it couldn’t have been more perfect!! The first morning was a casual and laid back adventure session where we explored Makapu’u beach and watched the waves crash onto the sandy shores. The weather, the sun, everything couldn’t have been more perfect as these two embraced the vibes of Hawaii! Who wouldn’t want to embrace the warm ocean water with their lover?!

DAY TWO: Elopement Portraits on Eastern Oahu

The morning after Scarlett and Nate’s casual session on Makapu’u beach, we met at a hidden gem of a beach on the eastern side of Oahu at sunrise. If you thought their session on Makapu’u beach was gorgeous, you’re about to have your breath taken away by their elopement portraits on this private beach! While Scarlett and Nate didn’t officially get married with me, we took some FIRE elopement portraits! So this is your sign, that even if you are already married, that you can still go on an epic adventure with me to take some BREATHTAKING wedding portraits πŸ˜‰

One of my favorite things about capturing Scarlett and Nate’s love and spending time with them: their willingness to try new and crazy things!! Like do you know of anyone that would willingly roll around in the wet sand while wearing wedding attire?! 😍😍😍

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Samantha Burke is an adventure elopement and intimate wedding photographer photographer for the passionate and adventurous soulmates that’s based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota! She’s also an educator for fellow photographers that are wanting to grow their business! Samantha is also a traveling addict that’s always looking for somewhere to travel too! Sam is also obsessed with Star Wars, Marvel, and matcha! Please contact Sam if you would like to have her be your elopement photographer or if you have any questions!

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