Couples Adventure Session on Sunset Beach in Hawaii // Kendall & Pearce

Couples Photo Session on Oahu in Hawaii || Hawaii Elopement Photographer


Sunset Beach and The Sunrise Shack on Oahu, Hawaii are perfectly located right on the North Shore. If you’re looking for an epic spot to check out the sunset… You need to head over to Sunset Beach! This beach is the perfect spot for any engagement session, intimate elopement, or adventure session.

I got to meet these two before we even met at the Sunrise Shack!! Our paths crossed when Garrett and I decided to go ziplining in the early morning one day while we were on Oahu. (I mean who doesn’t want to go ziplining, right?!) We signed up to go for an adventure at CLIMBWORKS on Keana Farms – little did we know that Kendall and Pearce would be in the same exact group as us that morning!!

Sunset Beach in Hawaii is located only 16 minutes away from Haleiwa (the iconic surf town on the North Shore) and has one of the best surf breaks, including the Banzai Pipeline. This beach is perfect for professional surfers looking to catch some enormous waves (we’re talking like 30 feet swells, holy SHIZ!) or to enjoy the sound of the ocean while watching the sunset.

First, we stopped at The Sunrise Shack on The North Shore to get some Acai Bowls!

Then These Two Embraced The Rain on Sunset Beach and made the most of it!

So What Do You Say? Are You Ready to Adventure to the Beautiful Island of Oahu?

If you’re looking for the perfect Airbnb to stay in near Sunset Beach (or just up on the North Shore in general), don’t forget to check out these beautiful places to stay!

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Samantha Burke is a traveling adventurous elopement photographer for the wild and goofy soulmates that’s based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota! She’s also an educator for fellow photographers that are wanting to grow their business! Samantha is also a traveling addict that’s always looking for somewhere to travel too! Sam is also obsessed with Star Wars, Marvel, and Chai Tea! Please contact Sam if you would like to have her be your elopement photographer or if you have any questions!! She is always here to answer any questions you may have!



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  1. This couples session looks like it was so fun and playful! I LOVE the rain shots. Looks like sparkles all over the image. Beautiful photos!

  2. omg these photos are awesome! they are having so much fun and you can just tell they are so comfortable with you!i wish i was there!!

  3. Heather says:

    Okay wow— first of all, gorgeous images!! AND I LOVE THE ACAI BOWL IDEA BEFOREHAND!! Super fun!!

  4. Raelin says:

    Yes, Sunset Beach is amazing!!! It’s just far enough from more popular tourist destinations, that you can have a more real and intimate experience. Thank you for including all the links to the day’s adventures, they’re really helpful! They look like they’ve had so much fun I really want to go visit again 🙂

  5. Okay but in all seriousness how is this not in a magazine?! I love the authentic poses and the laughter they carry in these images! Not to mention, they’re a dream couple in a dream location!

  6. Shanna says:

    These are GORGEOUS. Get me back to Oahu like now! So fun and playful. Love your style!

  7. OMG they are freaking adorable! You captured them and the beauty of Hawaii so well! Love it!

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