San Clemente California Elopement

Don’t mind me, I’m just going to close my eyes and wish I was back in San Clemente with Sophie and Brian for their California Elopement! I seriously cannot get over how freaking beautiful this beach was. The bluffs are so unique and stunning and watching surfers take on all these big waves – it was just GORGEOUS.

But… NOT AS GORGEOUS AS SOPHIE AND BRIAN, HELLO!! The love they have for each other is seriously like Steve And Peggy’s (Captain America, anyone?) unbreakable love. Their laughs were infectious. The way they softly touched each other. Seriously, everything about these two is just something right out of a romantic film.

Would You Elope in San Clemente California?

This beach was nearly empty on a random Wednesday Night in October, which means we had the whole beach to use for Sophie and Brian’s portraits! Who wouldn’t want a whole beach nearly to themselves, right?!

The landscape is so unique and so different. You basically get the best of both worlds here! You get the beach, the ocean, the mountains, the bluffs, the sunshine – you seriously get it all in San Clemente!

Not to mention, some delicious restaurants to enjoy a meal after you say your vows, nearby hiking trails that are amazing, the beautiful Casa Romantica Cultural Center, and soooo much more!

If these images don’t convince you that you NEED to elope in this location… I DON’T KNOW WHAT WILL!!!!

This Is Your Sign to have a California Elopement in San Clemente!

This is it! This is your sign! Start planning your California elopement like RIGHT NOW BABE!!! And if you need a photographer….. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

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Samantha Burke is a traveling adventurous elopement photographer for the wild and goofy soulmates that’s based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota! She’s also an educator for fellow photographers that are wanting to grow their business! Samantha is also a traveling addict that’s always looking for somewhere to travel too! Sam is also obsessed with Star Wars, Marvel, and Chai Tea! Please contact Sam if you would like to have her be your elopement photographer or if you have any questions!



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are you ready to say yes to the elopement you deserve?

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