Moody & Romantic Beach Elopement in Laguna Beach California \\ Tina + Don

Intimate Laid Back Beach Elopement at Laguna Beach in Southern California

Raise your hand if you would have ZERO problems with getting your wedding attire dirty and full of sand & ocean water… πŸ™‹πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ …. I see you!! I absolutely adored how Tina and Don were so carefree during their Laguna Beach Elopement in SoCal!!

We met bright and early (literally at sunrise!) and we had the beach MOSTLY to ourselves which first of all… RARE for SoCal. Am I right?! But then Tina and Don started their day off with embracing the moody (and humid) weather and getting their attire dirty right away!

Tina and Don are two adventurous souls that are just nothing short of perfect for each other. As you scroll through their adventurous and laid back beach elopement, you’ll notice just how carefree these two are… and how they literally did not give a SHIZ about wet and dirty!

POV: You say screw it, plan the laid-back elopement of your dreams in SoCal, show up on your wedding day, and just do your own freaking thing.

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