How to Elope at Palisade Head in Northern Minnesota

If you’re from Minnesota and you’re looking for an epic location spot that doesn’t take any hiking to get to… LOOK NO FURTHER BECAUSE PALISADE HEAD IS PERFECT FOR YOU!!!

It doesn’t even feel like you’re in Minnesota when you’re on the North Shore.

Northern Minnesota Palisade Head Elopement

How Far is Palisade Head from Duluth?

This epic lookout is about 57 miles, or 1 hour and 5 minutes, from Downtown Duluth! It’s located just three miles past Silver Bay, MN and is located next to Black Beach.

How Do You Get to Palisade Head?

It is located at mile marker 57, three miles past Silver Bay. If you type in “Palisade Head” into Apple or Google Maps, it should take you right to the entrance. You will want to go up the narrow path but be very careful as 2 cars can barely fit through! Go very slowly and with caution. There will be a parking lot at the top of the hill that you can park at.

Couple Walking On Cliff for Northern Minnesota Palisade Head Elopement

When Is The Best Time to Visit Palisade Head?

The best time to visit is anywhere from May to October!! If you love the fall colors, you’ll want to try and visit in October – however it does get VERY chilly so make sure you bring a coat! If you love warmer weather, try going in the summer – just be aware it’s usually very busy in the summer.

Where Should You Stay While Visiting Palisade Head?

There are so many options when it comes to choosing where to stay for your trip, but I’ve already done the hard research for you! I have put together an epic list of the best Airbnb’s around Palisade Head for you!!

Where Should You Eat Near Palisade Head?

The best place to eat, hands down, that’s near Palisade Head is Betty’s Pies. It’s located just outside of Two Harbors, and they have the BEST pie around! If you have an incurable sweet tooth, go the extra mile and get the pie shake!

Betty's Pies in Two Harbors, Minnesota

Is There Hiking Trails?

If you park at the first parking lot (at the bottom, by the entrance) and walk up that road – it’s quite the uphill hike! Otherwise, there’s just another parking lot at the top and walking on some rocks. There isn’t really any intense hiking trails.

Should I Watch the Sunrise or Sunset?

Both are really beautiful to see! My favorite one is sunrise though, since the lookout is facing towards where the sunrises. The sunset will be directly behind you, and unless there’s enough clouds to reflect the sunset colors, you won’t see a lot!

Is Palisade Head Open in The Winter?

It is open in the winter, HOWEVER, the parking lot on top of the lookout can be closed depending on the snow and road conditions! You should be prepared to hike up the hill from the bottom of the parking lot. And please, please, please be careful!! I highly recommend getting a pair of Yak Trax so you don’t slip and fall on snow/ice!

And Don’t Forget to Leave No Trace!

With popular spots like this one, don’t forget to take care of the environment while you’re enjoying yourself. Travel on durable surfaces only, stay on paths, clean up after yourself (don’t leave any garbage), respect wildlife, NO campfires, etc!!

You can read more about the Leave No Trace principles here!

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