3 Reasons to Elope in Minnesota

Trying to decide on eloping in Minnesota? Here are 3 reasons why you should elope in Minnesota!

Wanna know something? Minnesota is SO freaking underrated, and I get it! I used to also believe it wasn’t very pretty, and didn’t have a lot to offer – but WOW was I wrong!! Minnesota offers a perfect blend of untouched nature, beautiful cities and towns with delicious food, and countless amenities for an intentional adventure elopement! It is still a hidden gem for eloping, because not many couples think to elope here!! But hey, that’s where I come in – to reveal its underrated beauty and shed light on some reasons why you should have a Minnesota elopement! (From a Minnesota native!) Here are 3 reasons why you should elope in Minnesota!

Reason #1: GORGEOUS Locations with Less Crowds!

In contrast to other breathtaking locations in the United States, such as Yosemite National Park, Joshua Tree National Park, The Coast of Oregon, the Beaches of California, etc; in Minnesota, you’ll find LOTS of hidden gems for your intimate elopement experience with locations that are JUST as breathtaking!

Did you know that many of the locations I listed above have lots of humans around? That they are actually present while the photos are taken? Of course, you can avoid the crowds during sunrise, but when it comes to the rest of the day… tough luck! In fact, most of the photographers I know have to constantly edit out numerous people from their couple’s galleries because they’re SO popular!

The good news is that Minnesota provides privacy so that you can savor your meaningful moments together. It is a sanctuary for the modern romantics, adventurers, and all those who seek something unique but also value privacy! It is not trendy nor exposed, yet its views are even more astounding and dramatic. When you sum things up – Minnesota is a stellar option!

Reason #2: Minnesota is perfect for those who LOVE the outdoors!

THE LAND OF 10,000 LAKES… Do I even need to say more?!

Generally, Minnesota elopements are hosted in the great outdoors because the of all the variety of natural beauty there is! But besides enjoying gazing upon stunning lakes, you can do so much more like: hiking, paddleboarding, ziplining, skydiving, skinny dipping, having a picnic on the beach… the options are endless!

Oh, and I should probably mention the ice caves in the Winter season which look like they jumped out of a fairytale! Winter brings LOTS of more unique activities for your elopement like dog sledding, skiing, building a snowman, tubing, and SO much more!

Still, if you aren’t fond of doing things all outdoors, the Minneapolis area is perfect if you want more of that urban vibe!! Minnesota has SO much to offer, for all kinds of vibes!

Reason #3: Less Strict Regarding Permits in Certain Areas

Of course, this depends on the area, but all in all, it is way easier to get a permit for your Minnesota elopement than it is in Utah or California. Some epic locations don’t even require permits, to make your process even MORE simple!!

Hint – the Black Beach on the North Shore! Did you know you don’t need ANY permits to get married here because it’s a public beach?! While it is one of the busier locations during the summer and fall, you can still have the beach to yourself on a weekday during sunrise! (pictured below)

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