MN Adventure Elopement // Kayla & Bennett

Getting Ready for Their North Shore MN Adventure Elopement at North Shore Camping Co.

Lake Superior is usually the star of the show when it comes to the North Shore in Minnesota, but man if there aren’t some GORGEOUS gems tucked a little inland up there! Kayla and Bennett started their North Shore MN Adventure Elopement by getting ready at their talt nestled in North Shore Camping Co. These glamping tents are PERFECT for couples looking for something that’s in-between camping in nature and doing a little airbnb. (I highly recommend checking them out, especially for your elopement stay!)

Their Canoe Adventure with Sawtooth Outfitters

After Kayla and Bennett got all ready, we made our way to Sawtooth Outfitters (located in Tofte, MN) so they could rent a canoe for their next adventure! The lovely guides at Sawtooth were so helpful in giving Kayla and Bennett all the gear they needed for their canoeing adventure, including showing them how to properly strap it to the top of the car! After their canoe was secured, we then made our way to a little lake tucked a little inland along the North Shore. It was Bennett’s FIRST TIME canoeing, and he was SUPER excited to experience it!

ELOPEMENT PLANNING TIP: I highly recommend finding at least ONE activity to do on your elopement day!! This can be something that you and your fiance have always wanted to try, or something you both LOVE doing. It makes your day even more intentional, fun, AND it creates space for authentic moments to happen ❤️

Wedding Ceremony in Tofte MN

After their canoeing adventure, we then made our way to their wedding ceremony in Tofte, MN!! Their wedding ceremony spot is one of my absolute FAVORITE spots up on the north shore. Not many people explore this spot, because it isn’t along Lake Superior, but it’s still just as STUNNING!! (Especially when the fall colors are popping!)

If you want to learn more about eloping on the MN North Shore, I highly recommend checking out this guide I created about all the things you need to know! And if you’re looking for a Minnesota elopement photographer, contact me and let’s start chatting!

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