Autumn Pattinson State Park Elopement in Wisconsin \\ Lexy + Kaine

Pattinson State Park Elopement \\ Wisconsin Elopement Photographer

If you are looking for a sign to take out your wedding attire and have the adventure you always wanted to have on your wedding day – this is your sign to do just that!! Lexy and Kaine got officially married in December of 2021, and in September of 2022, they decided to take out their wedding adventure and go on an adventure in Pattinson State Park!

This is the perfect way to relive memories from your big day, but to also adventure somewhere new to get those wedding portraits you’ve always wanted but weren’t able to get!!

Lexy + Kaine’s Adventure Day Timeline

1:30pm: Photographer + Couple Arrive at State Park Campsite (hair + makeup already done)
2:00pm: Couple makes brunch together over campfire (pancakes, berries, etc)
2:45pm: Couple starts getting ready (getting ready photos happen at this time)
3:15pm: Drive to portrait location parking lot (10 minute drive or so)
3:25pm: Arrive at portrait location + spend two hours in the area for photos
6:40pm: Blue hour (portraits with lanterns to be taken at this time)
6:54pm: Sunset
7:15pm: Wrap up photos + adventuring then head back to campsite
7:25pm: Start bonfire + make hot cocoa (pizza + cookies for dinner)
9:30pm: Wrap up from the amazing day you just had together!!

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Samantha Burke is a traveling adventurous elopement photographer and experience creator for the adventurous badass soulmates that’s based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota! She’s also an educator for fellow photographers that are wanting to grow their business! Samantha is a travel addict that’s always looking for somewhere to run away too! Sam is also obsessed with Star Wars, Marvel, and Chai Tea! Please contact Sam if you would like to have her be your elopement photographer or if you have any questions!



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