4 Things to do after Receiving your Photos!

Krissi & Ryan

If you’re like me, the moment you get your photos back from your photographer you’re just gleaming with joy and rushing to post them all over social media! I cannot be the only one who gets this excited…

As a photographer, I always do my best to ensure my clients experience has been nothing but outstanding and amazing. The minute I deliver the photos, essentially my job is somewhat “over”. The whole gallery has been edited, the cards have been sent, that session is completed.

This is why I wanted to share some advice about what you should do once your receive your gallery of photos. They’re in your hands once the get delivered, and it’s my mission to make the absolute MOST out of your experience and photos!

1) Back those precious photos up!

This is like the MOST important piece of advice I have for you in this article. I simply cannot stress the importance of backing your photos up. You’ve invested good money into these precious photos, so you can preserve those fleeting memories. For my clients, I make sure that I keep their photos for 1 year. After that year, it’s up to my clients to keep them safe and protected.

I highly recommend backing your photos up, as soon as possible, in MULTIPLE spots to make sure you never lose them. You can get an external hard drive to store them, a flash drive, along with Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. The options are endless!

2) Print those photos!

We get so wrapped up in posting all of our photos on Facebook, Instagram, and all the social media. It can be so easy to forget how beautiful your photos are when you print them. It’s simply the most beautiful thing about photography. You can print them to hang them on your wall, you can get a photo album to set on the coffee table, or print them for a simple frame.

I promise, that you won’t regret printing your photos. Close your eyes and just picture your grandkids pointing to that beautiful photo up on the wall. Imagine them asking about it, like who that is and being just in awe. Imagine telling them the story behind that photo. It’s truly the little things.

BONUS – Send a photo of your prints to your photographer! I always love, love, love it when my clients send me a photo of their canvas on their wall. It’s the best.

3) Respond to Your Photographer!

Once your photographer sends over your photos, take a few minutes to respond to them and let them know what you think! It’s an easy thing to forget about, since you’re so excited! But photographers (including myself!) get SO nervous when we hit that send button to deliver your gallery. I mean, really nervous! And it seriously means the WORLD to us when we get even a small, simple response. It absolutely makes our day, and even our week! We get so giddy and excited when we hear back from our clients. Sometimes, we even dance around our house we’re so excited!

4) Write Your Photographer a Review!

This is slightly building off of responding to your photographer, but this is so important to mention as well. This isn’t a “must” but it’s a bonus! You don’t have to do it, but it seriously makes us photographers GLEAMING with pure joy and happiness. Like it means everything to us.

Reviews not only help validate our business and growth, but it helps us improve and enhance our business. Reviews let us know what parts of our client experience is working well, and what we could improve on! We read through each and every review, and taking it sincerely.

Getting feedback from my clients is one of the best things! I absolutely love it, and it just warms my heart. The ones that help me the most and really make me melt are the detailed ones. Where my client gushes about their experience, how much they loved the session, how adored their photos are, and just all the things. If you truly loved your experience, take a moment to let your photographer know! I promise that they will be FOREVER grateful.



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