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What is a Day After Session and Why You Should Consider One!

Do you wish you could spend more time with your guests on your wedding day? I got you!

I started offering Day After sessions for all my wedding couples, and it’s a serious game-changer. If you’re wanting to spend more time with guests on your wedding day, want more time for yourselves in your timeline, and all the things – I would totally recommend considering booking a Day After session. But first… what does that even mean?

What is a Day After Session?

A Day After session typically takes place the day after your wedding day, but can occur a few days after or even during/after your honeymoon. It’s just you and your spouse, going out for an adventure in your wedding attire! (However, wearing your wedding attire isn’t totally necessary!) We will venture out to a perfect location for just the two of you and capture all the real, raw, intimate moments with no eyes on you! It’s often a great alternative to bride and groom portraits on your wedding day as well.

Why Should I Consider a Day After Session?

There are so many dang good reasons to book a Day After session. Like seriously, SO MANY GOOD REASONS. But here are a few of the BEST reasons why it’s sooo worth it.

  1. It’s a perfect opportunity to take sometime for yourselves with absolutely no eyes on you, and just take in the fact that you two just got FREAKING MARRIED!

  2. It’s a perfect alternative to bride and groom portraits. I would still recommend a first look but, you can opt to spend more time with your guests with capturing all your bride and groom portraits a different day. This can easily give you a whole extra hour!

  3. A Day After session will also get you SOOO much more photos of just the two of you! You won’t be rushed, won’t have family members trying to talk with you, and all the things. It’s a romantic moment that just the two of you will share, and we will capture ALL the things.

  4. You will also get the benefit of an intimate elopement AND a traditional wedding! SAY WHAT?! Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds?!

  5. Last but not least… you are able to get your bride and groom portraits done at AMAZING locations! Want to venture out to the beach? You can do it! Want to drive up the mountains? YOU CAN DO JUST THAT!

Are You Convinced Yet?

So what do you say? Is a Day After session perfect for you and your babe? Does ALL of the reasons above resonate with you? Talk with your wedding photographer about booking a session, because I am going to tell you…


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