I’m obsessed with writing, reading, movies/shows and music! I’d rather be in my bed reading, writing, listening to music or watching a movie than at a party or in the club! I frequently lucid dream and overuse exclamation points along with gifs.. My best friends would tell you I’m quiet until you get to know me and that I love to make others feel confident in themselves. And you better believe that I'm the person that puts pineapple on EVERYTHING!! My hubby and I have 2 cats that love to cause trouble and 1 husky that's the queen of the house - and we wouldn't trade them for the world!

I also believe that Ben Solo truly deserved better.

daydreamer & nerd.

"never tell me the odds." - han solo

I'm a big believer in making your dream wedding day come true, because you only get married to the same person once. It's okay if you want to include lightsabers, Iron Man quotes in your vows, or simply just traveling somewhere you've always wanted to go with just your soulmate. There's no right or wrong way to plan your wedding. All that matters is that you're marrying the love of your life and documenting your love story. My goal as a photographer is to push couples to be themselves and to stop trying to fit in - because you are uniquely you, and that needs to be celebrated.

Simply, I'm a camera magician.

I'm samantha! 

When I was planning my own wedding, I remember how stressed I was making sure everything was perfect. I was more worried about how the decor looked, where we were getting married, and making sure I was pleasing everybody. When I look back on that day, I remember not even being able to eat any real food - just one doughnut. Simply put - I wish I eloped and that I had supportive people telling me it was okay to elope. 

I strongly support and believe that couples just have a magical, stress-free wedding day that's all about them as a couple and celebrating a new chapter of life together. Couples deserve to have an authentic and intimate wedding experience that tells their love story. You don't need permission to live out your dream elopement. 

I believe that when you look back on your photographs, that you should be able to feel all the emotions you felt on your special day. No regrets. No stress. Just the emotions of falling even more in love with your partner, making promises to each other, and starting a new chapter of life together. 

why i believe elopements are so magical

elopements are like magic.

I was very young, but I lived in Alaska from the time I was 4 years old, until I was about 6 years old! Someday, I'm going to go back to Alaska (preferably in the summer!)

i lived in alaska for two whole years! 

This probably isn't surprising - but my husband and I had a tropical Star Wars wedding!! Sure, it was a little cheesy & I would have done things differently now that I look back - but it was still magical!! 

I had a tropical star wars wedding.

fun facts about me!

travel schedule

I'm always traveling somewhere new and adventurous, so why not tell your story somewhere new?! The following travel schedule is based on where I will already be traveling to in 2021!

There are NO TRAVEL FEES for these locations!!

ready for adventure?

march || arizona + california

november || hawaii


If you're ready to go on a wild adventure with me and get freaking married in a way that calls to your heart - let's start planning! Use the contact form here to start the process of making your dream elopement come to life! 

P.S. I cannot WAIT to hear from you!!!

are you ready to say yes to the elopement you deserve?