minnesota-BASED elopement photographer + experience creator

Have you decided to ditch the idea of spending thousands of dollars for people you barely know to enjoy a night out, and instead create an elopement experience that lights you and your partner up?

Traditional weddings aren't for every couple, and you know what? That is more than perfectly okay. 

Your wedding day isn't about throwing a party for other people to have fun at. It's about celebrating your story together!

are you ready to say screw it and create a wedding day experience you actually want?

I'm a big believer in making your dream wedding day come true, because you only get married to the same person once. It's okay if you want to include lightsabers, Iron Man quotes in your vows, or simply just want to travel somewhere you've always wanted to go with just your soulmate. There's no expectations or rules to follow.

It's time to make your wedding day about YOU!! 

And if you'd like somebody to chat with about Star Wars or Marvel... I'm totally your girl :) 

Hey, I'm Sam! And I'm here to help make your dream elopement come to life.

you don't need permission to create a wedding day experience you want.

"Sam was able to meet my husband and I the day before our planned elopement to go over our locations and just get to know us. This allowed us to feel super comfortable the day of the event. She scouted out the locations we had in mind, and suggested another close by location that was gorgeous where we got some of my favorite shots."


"She Predicted My Concerns!"

"Don’t even think about hesitating to book Sam as your photographer! She is AMAZING. Highly communicative, open to adventures big or small, and just a joy to be around. She’s also pretty bomb at taking amazing photos. We felt comfortable the entire time and got so many great pictures. She also had a ton of amazing vendors to recommend, all of whom were equally fantastic to work with. This is definitely a run, do not walk situation."

"Sam is a joy to be around!"

"The value she provides far exceeds the modest price she charges. We could not be happier with her work! Through the past year, Samantha has been professional, understanding, and has become a real friend. We couldn't recommend Samantha more!" 


"Sam Has Become a Real Friend!" 

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