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What is a First Look and Should You Do It?

You have probably heard the term First Look once or twice! I mean, it’s a growing tradition in weddings, and you may be wondering what exactly it is and if it’s the right choice for you. I’m here to give you ALL the deets!

So a first look is a moment that the bride and groom see each other before the ceremony. This typically happens right after the bride and groom are all dressed and ready. This moment is only for the bride and groom.

You see each other for the first time on your wedding day during the first look. Yes, you see the love of your life before you walk down the aisle.

Now that you know a little bit more about this first look idea, let’s go over some reasons why I always recommend my couples to do a first look!

1) A first look will probably be the only intimate moment you’ll have all day.

Your wedding day will be full of so much fun and laughter! However, it’ll also be a happy blur that goes by way too darn fast. But this intimate, private moment with the love of your life is just for the two of you. No eyes watching your every move, no distractions.

I’ve never had a groom not let out a couple of happy tears during this moment. Plus, you get to tell him how handsome he is! And he will probably ask you to twirl in your dress! This is really just your moment and it’s all yours.

2) There’s NO pressure!

Seeing your spouse before the ceremony is such a great way to calm your nerves and just release all the stress. It’s so daunting when you have hundreds of eyes watching your every move as you see your husband while walking down the aisle and have all of these wandering questions in your head. Will I react in the most perfect way? Will I look like? Will he cry as I walk down?

It’s just you and your babe, and that’s all that matters during your first look! You ease the butterflies in your stomach and those daunting thoughts are no longer in your head.

3) More Photo Opportunities!

Choosing to have a first look is a great way to get plenty of more photo opportunities of your big day. As a photographer, I love it when my couples do first looks because I know I’ll get to spend more time with them – showcasing their love and capturing memories they’ll be able to have for a lifetime.

After you and your babe share your special intimate moment, I always love to get the bride and groom portraits done first! And then, I love to take the wedding party and family formal portraits as well! When we can get all the formal portraits done before the ceremony, you’ll be able to have more time with your friends and family during cocktail hour AND more candid photos of your guests!

BONUS HELPFUL TIP – Allow AT LEAST two hours between your first look and ceremony start time if you can! Trust me, it’s sooo worth it!

I totally wish my hubby and I would have done a first look for our wedding day. It was so chaotic and stressful and we didn’t get a single moment to ourselves until we went home and packed for our trip to Disney. I wish we would have shared that intimate moment to have those special photos and to have calmed my out-of-control nerves.

So after ALL that information, are you team First Look or team No First Look?!

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