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5 Tips for Perfecting That Wedding Timeline!

Oh, wedding planning. You dreamed of it since you were a little girl. Finding that perfect dress, getting that perfect ring. I mean, we all have Pinterest boards that hold our dreams of what our wedding will look like.

While the dreaming of it all is magical – planning, organizing, budgeting, and all the things can become so stressful and overwhelming so fast.

As a wedding photographer, I’ve photographed (and have attended) many weddings. I have quickly learned just how important a wedding timeline is – and is something I lacked for my own wedding! (SAY WHAT!)

But never fear – I am here with 5 helpful tips to ensure your wedding is as seamless and perfect as possible! So sit back with a nice glass of wine, and write these tips down girl!

1) Meet with Your Photographer!

Always, always, always make sure to meet with your photographer at least once or twice about your timeline. I promise your photographer will be there to help make sure your timeline matches your vision for your big day. You can meet with them once, twice, or even four times! You will not regret it. Your photographer is so much more than just that person taking pretty photos – they will help you in anyway you need.

2) Schedule more time!

This is such an important tip. Every, and I mean EVERY, wedding falls behind schedule at some point. Whether it’s family members arriving late, your hair and makeup falling behind, or moving your ceremony indoors due to weather – weddings naturally tend to fall behind. But don’t stress about this! Schedule in more time than needed and you won’t be worried if something does fall a bit behind schedule. I promise this will make everything way less stressful, and give you time to breathe and relax.

3) Consider a First Look!

First things first – a first look is where the bride and groom see each other, alone, before the ceremony. I know, you may be gasping at the thought of it! But a first look is something I totally wish I would have done for my own wedding. A first look gives you a chance to calm your nerves before the ceremony, to relax, to pray, and to just have an intimate moment with your soon-to-be spouse without distraction. In addition, you can knock out all your formal portraits before your ceremony even begins! (Bride and groom, bridal party, family, etc.) I totally think it’s a win-win – right?!

4) How Big is Your Wedding Party?

This is so, so important. I need you to sit down and think of how many people are going to be in your wedding party. This seriously determines how much time you truly need for wedding party photos. If you have 2 groomsmen and two bridesmaids, 20-30 minutes is plenty of time. However, if you have a larger wedding party with ushers, the ring bearer, and flower girl – Definitely plan for about an hour for wedding party. But again – totally meet with your photographer to figure out what’s best for YOU!

5) Hire a Wedding Planner!

I know, I know. You may be thinking, “I don’t need that!” or “I don’t have the money for that!”. But let me tell you – your wedding planner will take an abundance of stress off your shoulders. Trust me. They have planned so, so many weddings and have seen it all. They know exactly what they’re doing and will help your vision come together for your big day – and if you’re too busy stressing over all the things, you won’t be able to enjoy this special time!

BONUS TIP – I highly recommend leaving a two-hour block of time for portraits! You don’t want to feel rushed through these.

Now go show that timeline who’s boss!

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