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What is Lifestyle Photography?

So now that you have had a chance to see my work through my website and social media – you may be wondering what on earth is lifestyle photography and why I use this term to describe my photography!

I am here to explain ALL the things!

You may have noticed the natural smiles, the laughs, the kisses, and all things natural in my photos. No stiff poses. No awkward smiles. No more crabby kiddos. No weird hands. Just real, emotional, raw connection and emotion.

This is what I am ALL about. I do very minimal posing – and if I pose it’s usually for large family shots. But even then, I try to make everyone laugh by telling my AWFUL jokes! (They are truly terrible…)

Now – you may be wondering how I get natural smiles out of the kiddos, no hands being awkward, and just the candid look overall. I mean, it seems pretty difficult especially with little kiddos, right?

Well – my secret is – PROMPTS! Rather then telling you to put your thumbs in your pockets, tilt your chin at a 90-degree angle, arch your back, and all the very intimidating instructions – I tell you to play games with your kiddos, tickle them, start a love pile, and all things fun! For couples, I tell them to kiss with their teeth, tell their significant other to say their favorite cereal in a sexy voice, slow dance, and all things adorable. 

So this brings us back to the original question – what is lifestyle photography? 

Lifestyle photography is capturing portraits in real-time situations and real life events. The goal of lifestyle photography is to document and tell real stories of others. Essentially, lifestyle photography is like documentary photography.

Now that we cleared up that daunting question, the choice is yours. Is a lifestyle photo session for you and your family/significant other?

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